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 - Tap

- Jazz

- Hip Hop

- Acrobatics

- Clogging

- Gymnastics

- Toe-Ballet

- Lyrical

- Balance Beam

- Sr. Chorus Line

- Pre-School Tap

- Pre-School Gym

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Mindy's School of Dance offers a

variety of classes for your child's needs

Tap - This class will work with rhythms and beginner through advanced tap steps. Students will learn
to count to the music, and the music will vary depending on the level of the student. This class is suggested for pre-school through advance dancers. 


Jazz - This class is a combination of all types of dance. Jumps, leaps, turns, and rhythms are taught from basic through advanced levels. This class is suggested for ages 5 and up.


Hip Hop - HIP HOP is a form of STREET dance using many variations of the art. Quick music
as well as Slow paced rhythms will be learned. Flexed feet and off balance body alignment accent this style of dance.

Gymnastics - All gym classes are self paced so that every student may work at his/her own pace.
Beginners through advanced skills will be taught, as the student is ready. Gymnastic classes will work with the trampoline, balance beam, and spot tramp. This class is suggested for all ages.

Ballet - This class will include barre and center floor work. Correct body alignment and
strengthening the feet and legs will be stressed. Beginner through points work
will be taught, as the student is ready. This class is suggested for ages 5 and

Pre-School (Tap) - Levels 1 and 2
This class is a combination class of tap and gymnastics for ages 3, 4, and 5. The class includes basic tap steps, counting to the music, singing, and listening skills. A small amount of gym will be introduced using trampoline, spot tramp, balance beam, and floor work.


Pre-School (Acro) - Levels 1 and 2
This class is for our 3, 4 and 5 year olds who have a definite interest in gymnastics. Basic floor and equipment skills are taught which will include the trampoline, spot tramp, and balance beam.

Lyrical - This class will work control, flexibility and balance in developing dance steps that tell a story to music. Ballet and jazz are primary elements in lyrical dancing.

Clogging - This class will teach basic clogging techniques and steps to update country and western music. Speed and rhythm will be stressed in this class. 


Meet Me At The Barre
Every dancer knows how important the "Barre & Center Floor" work is to their performance. This work is the "core" of a dancer! This class will greatly increase your balance during turns, your poise with your arm carriage, and strength in your leaps! This class will improve the "look" of any dancer in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, or Acrobatics. This is a non-performing class that will make your performing classes much better. we will meet one time a week for 50 minutes.


Stretch & Flex
Have you always wanted to be more "flexible"? To have better splits, higher extensions, more flexibility in your back! If so, this class is for you! You will learn how your body bends and stretches so that you can dance at your "best"! This is a non-performing class that will make your performing classes much better. This class will meet one time a week for 50 minutes.  


Contortion Acrobatics
Have you ever wanted to "sit on your head", stick your "legs behind your ears", or "tuck your feet under your chin"? If so, this is the class for you! You need not be extremely flexible, we will teach you how to be. You do need to have Beginning Acro skills. To "Control" the body is to bend or twist in extraordinary positions. A "Contortionist" is what you will become when you take this class. The perfect partner to this class will be the "Stretch & Flex" class! The Contortion class will be 50 minutes each week and will perform in both recital shows!

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